API credentials

Credentials for Connect API

Environment -specific credentials

Applixure Connect API supports API credentials that relate to and gives an access to one Applixure Analytics environment per credential keypair (username+password). These credentials are owned by the Applixure environment for which they were created for and cease to exist if the environment is closed.


Login vs API credentials

Please note:

API credentials are separate from the normal login username and password used to login to the Analytics Web UI. API username/password keypair does not work for the interactive Web UI login and vice versa.

You can generate environment -specific API credentials keypairs from the Applixure Web UI, using Settings -> Environment settings -> Integrations and API access page.

You can also individually enable or disable specific credential keypair, to temporarily prevent access to the API data using those credentials and add a comment describing the key's purpose.

If given credential keypair is no longer needed or in use, you can also remove the keypair completely.


Removing API credential keypair is an irreversible operation

Once removed, keypair cannot be recovered back into use and all clients using that keypair will cease to be able to access data from the API unless new set of credentials is used instead.


Mind the security in handling API keys

API credential keypairs should be considered security-sensitive information as they will allow full [read-only] access to all data in a given environment by any party holding the credentials. For this reason, only administrators can see and generate API credentials in the Applixure Web UI and you should guard access to the generated credentials.


Maximum number of credential keypairs

Please note that you can generate up to maximum of 100 unique credential keypairs per environment.

Commonly, only one set of API credentials is necessary but if you need to install different set of API credentials for different systems, and want to be able to disable access from some of those system at later date without affecting other API consumers, you may want to consider generating more than one set of API credentials.

Account -specific credentials

As an alternative using environment -specific API credentials keypair, Connect API credentials can also be created at the account -level. The advantage of creating API credentials for the account instead individually for each environment is that you only need to configure one set of credentials for the system accessing Applixure's data and have access to all environments' data without separate authentication required.

One the flip side, this also means that you should make sure to take extra care of guarding the account level credentials as compared to using environment -specific credentials, as they will enable a broader access to the data and any unauthorized usage of such credentials or theft of such credentials will potentially compromise all your environments data.

You can generate environment -specific API credentials keypairs from the Applixure Web UI, using Settings -> Account settings -> Integrations and API access page.