Device asset object model

Device asset objects


Each Agent represents individual device in the given Applixure environment that has Applixure Agent installed on it, reporting data to the environment.

All Agents in an environment have known to be reporting some data to the Applixure platform within maximum of 45 days from the current date. After the 45 days cutoff, Agents will be automatically closed and removed from the data and all software associated with the Agent will also be reflected with the removal of a given Agent:

  • Software being deployed on some other devices still will have closed Agent's ID removed from the list of IDs with which the software is linked to Agents.
  • Software only found from the closed Agent will be closed and removed from the returned data.

Software linkage for Agents

Unlike in Product Group, Product and Application objects, Agent object does not have direct linkages to software assets found from it in the base object.

Instead, you should either construct the backlinks from Agents using the the information already retrieved for the Product Groups, Products and Application, or you can get all Product Groups, Products and Applications associated with all Agents as separate mapping entries.

Alert information specific for individual Agent

To retrieve Agent -specific Applixure Alerts, please see Connect API endpoint for getting Alerts & Warnings associated with specific Agent.

Issues information specific for individual Agent

To retrieve Agent -specific issue history, please see Connect API endpoint for getting issue history associated with specific Agent.

Agent's historical information

For each Agent, Applixure stores historical copy of the most of the Agent data for each date the Agent has been active. You can get up to past 1 year of history information for each Agent.

See Connect API endpoints related to getting Agent historical information.


Access historical information sparingly

Please note that presently all historical information has to be retrieved individually for each Agent as a separate call. For this reason, if you need to retrieve history for large number of Agents you should retrieve history for each Agent at max once per day and cache the result to avoid repeated calls to the data that is not likely to change and to avoid overloading the API with too frequent access.

See Connect API endpoints related to Agents.

Device -related objects

Agent component device drivers

Applixure records all 3rd party device drivers installed for the hardware components (such as video adapters, network adapters etc.) that the Agent device has. Applixure, however, does not track driver information for any components that has operating system shipped default device driver (so-called inbox driver) installed for it.

By having this list of 3rd party drivers for each Agent device it is possible to see what non-standard device drivers are present across the Agent devices, and consequently if some hardware component for specific Agent does not have driver listed by Applixure data it effectively means that the component is presently using the OS-supplied version of the driver.

3rd party drivers are listed as driver IDs under ThirdPartyDrivers field under the Agent object's Components subobject. You can cross-reference these IDs to the information retrieved from device drivers endpoint to resolve component names and associated device drivers.

Agent component errors

In addition to 3rd party drivers tracked for hardware components, Applixure Agent also records those hardware components that are reportedly [by the operating system] having some issue with it.

This issue could be due to hardware component itself (such as due to sudden malfunction or the machine not having any compatible drivers for it in the first place) or some technical issue with its driver's compatibility with the component (such as operating system unable to initialise the driver properly).

These component errors are listed under Errors field under the Agent object's Components subobject. Please note that unlike the list of 3rd party drivers installed on Agent, reported component errors may refer to device driver ID for inbox driver as well.

Agent user logons

Applixure Agent tracks all logged on users for purposes of reporting security readiness -related information - such as if the principal user for the machine has administrator privileges - and to show who is using each device in an environment.

Each Agent object refers to last logged on user and the principal user of the machine (i.e. measured primary user based on the most time spent login session -wise) using IDs found in the LastLogonUserId and PrincipalLogonUserId fields respectively. You can cross-reference these IDs to the information retrieved from user logons endpoint to resolve names of the users.


Please note that Agent user logons do not relate to Applixure UI's user logons.

See Connect API endpoints related to getting Agent user logons.


Please refer to Tags section in Software asset object model for information about Tag and Tag Type objects.

See Connect API endpoints related to getting Tags associations for all Agents.