Available Applixure APIs

Applixure Products

Applixure Analytics Agent collects hardware and software asset information, monitors application usage, and connectivity and detects issues from Windows and Mac computers. This collected data is transferred to Applixure Analytics Data Platform in the cloud for processing and is accessible using Analytics Web UI.

Applixure Workflow builds on top of Analytics' data, implementing straightforward workflow-like features with the customer-defined data rules that surface agent devices that deviate from the expected state from one or more Analytics environments. Workflow is accessible through Workflow Web UI.

Applixure Feedback is a product for getting and querying feedback directly from the employees. Feedback is accessible through Feedback Web UI.

In addition to Web UI access, Applixure provides the following public REST APIs for programmatic access to its products.

Analytics Connect API

Applixure Analytics Connect API can be used to access Analytic's data from Applixure environments. Please refer to the Connect API -section for more information.

Feedback API

Applixure Feedback API can be used to access reporting data for collected feedback entries and administer and manage Feedback accounts and environments. Please refer to the Feedback API -section for more information.