Scoring object model

Scoring objects

Environment -wide scoring

Applixure calculates Service Scores for each environment, based on the same monitoring data that Alerts and Warnings is based on.

In the overall Scores, individual score is given for the whole environment and each of the four areas Applixure tracks (Devices, Software, Performance/Issues and Use).

Additionally, benchmarking scores are provided in the data that gives the average Score of all eligible environments (ServiceScoreBenchmark field), and average Score of the top 5% scoring enviroments (ServiceScoreTopBenchmark).

  "ApiCallSucceeded": true,
  "Scores": {
    "EnvironmentId": "7b884896-f8e9-4372-85f2-de75ad8d71d1",
    "MainServiceScore": 3.4,
    "DevicesServiceScore": 3.9,
    "SoftwareServiceScore": 3.4,
    "PerformanceAndIssuesServiceScore": 2.9,
    "UseServiceScore": 4.0,
    "ServiceScoreBenchmark": 3.3,
    "ServiceScoreTopBenchmark": 3.8


Benchmark score

Currently Applixure benchmark score is calculated across all customer environment having 100 or more Agents. Benchmark scores do not make distinction or segmentation based on geographic, industry or other factor.

See Connect API endpoints related to Scores.

Asset -specific scoring

In addition to overall Service Scores, Applixure also calculates Scores for each individual Agent and Product Group.

You can find DeviceScore and SoftwareScore fields in the Agent and Product Group objects, respectively.